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Originally released under the name DOT, but changing it here to my given name so as not to confuse it with other artists using that name.

Available on CD from West Main Development:

“Nothing happens halfway on DOT’s “Strange Glance.” When Keith Hanlon wants your attention, his music is louder than a siren; when he wants you to listen closely, it becomes microscopic; when he wants to scare you, it sounds like stabbing knives; when he wants you to meditate, it’s a sacred space that shuts out all distraction. There’s nuance everywhere on “Strange Glance”; Hanlon knows he can thread the narrowest needle to mine the gaps between moods. But DOT is foremost about force: the force of commitment to the sound happening right before your ears.”

-Marc Masters

released January 26, 2018

Recorded January 2016 in Athens County, Ohio
All instruments and recording by Keith Hanlon
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