I am:
Freelance Engineer for Music and Field Audio
House Engineer at MusiCol Recording Studios
From Columbus, Ohio

Credits also available on Discogs.com

Engineering Discography

  • Dane TerryThe Wild of Town, 2017 (engineer, mixing)
  • Steve and Lisa BallTo Watch the Dying of the Day: Music of the American Civil War, 2017 (engineer, mixing, mastering)
  • Harvest KingsBulletproof, Mingotown Music, 2017 (engineer, mixing)
  • The Pink Owl and his Supernatural FearsFully Delusional, Superdreamer Records, 2017 (mastering)
  • CorbezzoloMidnight, 2017 (engineer, mixing)
  • Lauren Lever and The Live OaksI Will Be The Branch, You Will Be The Leaf, 2017 (engineer)
  • Counterfeit Madison – Counterfeit Madison Meets Nina Simone: A Celebration Of Blackness, 2016 (editing, mastering)
  • Aaron Troyer – Faith In The Unknown, Superdreamer Records, 2016 (mastering)
  • Bloodthirsty VirginsBloodthirsty Virgins, Scioto Records, 2016 (producer, engineer, mixing)
  • Noah Demlandmoments + mechanisms, Scioto Records, 2016 (engineer, mixing)
  • AloonalunaThe Gilded Hegemony of Stars, Scioto Records, 2016 (mastering)
  • Jordan O’JordanThrough Tough Thoughts, Antiquated Future, 2016 (engineer, mixing)
  • Closet Mix01 ep, Tone Scholar/Anyway Records, 2016 (engineer, mixing)
  • The Electric HandPurple Hearts EP, Lost Weekend Records, 2016 (engineer, mixing)
  • Alexander ArnoldUpper Summers Meadows, 2016 (co-engineer)
  • Christopher Whitney’s Rockin’ TrioRock and Roll Injection single, 2018 (engineer, mixing)
  • The BakeryVerge of Extinction, 2016 (engineer, mixing, mastering)
  • Charlie WilmothFanfare, 2015 (engineer, mixing)
  • StellaPlanned Obsolescence, Live God Records, 2016 (engineer, mixing)
  • Scott GorsuchObliviography, 2015 (engineer)
  • The MorwellsPresenting The Morwells, reissue, Ohm Records, 2015 (audio restoration)
  • Lawton BrothersFirst Time, Long Time, 2015 (mastering)
  • Counterfeit MadisonPalms Were A Bad Choice, 2015 (mastering)
  • didididi, 2015 (mastering)
  • Laced With ArsenicRollin’ On, 2015 (engineer, mixing, mastering)
  • Lydia LovelessI Would Die 4 U, Records Store Day 7″ Single, Bloodshot Records, 2015 (engineer, mixing)
  • The Kyle SowashesEverybody, Anyway Records, 2015 (engineer, mixing)
  • Jovan Karcic2011, Scioto Records, 2015 (production, co-engineer, mixing)
  • Jerry David DeCiccaUnderstanding Land, 2014 (assistant engineer)
  • Meta ChromaNext Level Up, I See Sound Records, 2014 (mixing, mastering)
  • Eric Zimmer – The One You Feed, Podcast Music, 2014 (engineer, mixing)
  • Truman CarterAct III, Lost Weekend Records, 2014 (mastering)
  • Ed AskewFor the World, Tin Angel Records, 2013 (engineer, mixing)
  • The Black SwansMoment of Forever, from Kris Kristofferson tribute, People In A Position To Know Records, 2013 (engineer, mixing)
  • The Black SwansTwo Blue Lights, from Farewell Transmission: The Music Of Jason Molina, Rock the Cause Records, 2014 (engineer, mixing)
  • Parker PaulFood Service, Scioto Records, 2012 (engineer, mixing, mastering)
  • Jovan Karcic2010, Self-Release, 2012 (mixing, mastering)
  • The Black SwansYou’ll Never See My Face in Kansas City, Split Single, 2012 (engineer, mixing)
  • The RegionalsThe Regionals, Self-Release, 2012 (engineer, mixing)
  • The Black SwansDon’t Blame the Stars, Misra Records, 2011 (engineer, mixing, mastering)
  • OrchestravillePoison Berries, Old 3C Records, 2010 (engineer, mixing)
  • OrchestravilleInvent the Machine, Mossy Records, 2010 (co-engineer, co-mixer)
  • The Black SwansWords Are Stupid, St. Ives Records, 2010 (co-engineer, co-mixer, mastering)
  • Ron HesterBreathing, Self-Release, 2008 (engineer, mixing)
  • The Black SwansChange!, La Société Expéditionnaire, 2007 (engineer, mixing)
  • The Black SwansSex Brain, Bwatue Records, 2006 (engineer, mixing)
  • The Original OnionsGrill Skills, Self-Release, 2000 (mastering)